Lifetime Parts Warranty

Choosing S-DEUTZ means choosing excellent quality without compromises. That is why all customers who register their engine online are automatically entitled to the DEUTZ Lifetime Parts Warranty. We offer an extended warranty for five years or 5,000 operating hours for genuine DEUTZ spare parts purchased from, and installed by, one of our authorized service partners.

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Conditions and details

  • The DEUTZ Lifetime Parts Warranty is valid for all DEUTZ engine series that meet emissions standards EU Stage IIIA / US Tier 3 or higher.

    Mining equipment is excluded.

  • The warranty covers all costs for material and labor  in respect of repairs required due to the failure of spare parts caused by material or manufacturing defects. It is valid for spare parts purchased from, and installed by, an authorized DEUTZ service partner since January 1, 2021.

    Other costs, such as travel costs or downtime costs, are not covered.

  • All genuine DEUTZ spare parts are included.

    ‍‍Parts described as maintenance parts or wearing parts in the engine’s operating manual, operating liquids, and DEUTZ Xchange products are excluded.

  • Maintenance of the engine must be carried out in accordance with the DEUTZ operating manual. Only DEUTZ operating liquids, liquids officially approved by DEUTZ, and the fuel recommended by DEUTZ may be used.
  • To be eligible, you must register your DEUTZ engine online at
  • You need to submit the original receipt from the DEUTZ service partner in order to make a claim under the extended warranty for spare parts.