Lube oil DQC4 5W30 UHP 20 liters

Lube oil DQC4 5W30 UHP

Lube oil DQC4 5W30 UHP

Full-synthetic premium-performance engine oil especially for  closed crankcase ventilation systems.

Genuine DEUTZ oils are top class, semi- and fully synthetic operating  fluids for highly charged, heavy-duty diesel engines. They are  suitable for operation all year round and offer high protection  against wear and deposits.

Product features:

  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion, even when using  diesel fuels with high sulphur content
  • Safe protection against deposits, sludge and sticking
  • Outstanding thermal stability on the basis of low-volatility base  oils
  • Extremely low oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduced cold-wear behavior and fast engine permeation
  • Protects the sensitive exhaust after-treatment components, e.g.  diesel particulate filter and SCR-catalystUltra High-Performance  Diesel engineoil made from HC-synthesis base oils for highest  loads.