DEUTZ Coolant Core Protect

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5 liters  PC
20 liters  PC
209 liter barrel  PC

DEUTZ Cooling System Conditioner

All liquid-cooled engines require an effective product to ensurelong-term conservation of the engine’s cooling system. The use ofunstable orunapproved products can lead to corrosion or deposits on hot spots. Inaddition, it can lead to pitting on the aluminum components andflocculation, which may cause severe engine damage. Genuine DEUTZCoolant is specifically engineered to ensure the desired performance,reliably, and durability that our customers demand!

Product features:

  • Perfectly calibrated to all materials in DEUTZ engines
  • Reliably prevents corrosion, cavitation and freezing
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Replacement only necessary every two years
  • Free of nitrites and amines, silicates and phosphates