S-DEUTZ DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

The correct maintenance of the diesel particulate filter is critical for the performance, fuel consumption, and overall lifetime of your engine. In our three-level DEUTZ DPF service program, we offer you the right solution whatever your needs. Whether you are looking for new spare parts, professionally reconditioned, cost-effective Xchange replacement filters, or affordable filter cleaning for filters from DEUTZ or other brands, you have a great selection to choose from.

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New DPF-Kit

DEUTZ DPFs offer high ash absorption and enable the safe and continuous regeneration of the soot load during operation. A new replacement DPF, including the necessary clamps and seals, comes with a 12-month standard warranty.

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S-DEUTZ Xchange DPF-Kit

Xchange DPF-Kit

Thanks to the DEUTZ Xclean cleaning process, DEUTZ Xchange DPFs are virtually as good as new. All undergo a combination of thermal-, air-, and liquid treatment with optimized pulse rate which ensures best-in-class results while protecting the sensitive catalytic coating. The Xchange DPF kit includes new clamps and gaskets and a standard 12-month warranty.

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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning is a cost-efficient and safe alternative for your used filters on any brand: All filters are professionally inspected and cleaned at selected DEUTZ service centers and sent back to you, including a thorough testing report.

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S-DEUTZ DPF Cleaning

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